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For more than 12 years, CultureBrokers has been committed to results. Our unique Diamond Inclusiveness™ approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes YOU successful. We provide a holistic, comprehensive system that helps your organization achieve its diversity, inclusion or equity vision while optimizing intercultural performance and productivity.

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The Diamond Inclusiveness™ System

(Diversity + Inclusion) x Discipline = Equity™

Our system offers your organization an integrated two-year map for getting meaningful, measurable diversity, inclusion and equity results. Your organization will deliver on its promises to culturally diverse stakeholders faster and more sustainably than through training alone.

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Public and private workshops

6 months
Maximize your ability to plan and deliver diversity, inclusion and equity results by building necessary strengths around Leadership; Strategy; Customers and Stakeholders; Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management; Workforce; and Operations.



Private or cohort-based  program

6 months
Create a Strategic Action Plan with a process that assesses your situation, elicits support from stakeholders, smooths the road toward change, leverages your strengths, and will get you measurable diversity, inclusion and equity results during its first year of implementation.



Private or cohort-based  program

12 months
Execute your diversity, inclusion and equity Strategic Action Plan with excellence. Address unforeseen challenges and unintended consequences as they occur with the help of experienced, local practitioners.


Private or cohort-based program

4 months
Analyze your Strategic Action Plan results. Codify and share your learning. Institutionalize effective changes and adapt your Strategic Action Plan for the next phase of your journey.