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Michael Belton


Michael joined CultureBrokers because the opportunity to work with an African American, woman-led organization with expertise in, and a primary focus on, culture, diversity, equity, and inclusion was the perfect fit. Among other services, he provides coaching and DEI development to executive leadership.

His professional career spanned over 35 years leading government agencies and divisions in some of Minnesota’s most populous counties. Michael has vast experience with, and knowledge of, juvenile and criminal justice issues. Michael’s work has centered on creating, implementing, and monitoring programs affecting youth and families. A nationally respected government executive, he has provided talks on leadership and operations, even testifying before the U.S. Congress on racial justice. His passionate commitment to diversity, innovation, inclusion, and fairness led to transformative results for his constituencies and the mitigation of disparities for communities affected most by systemic injustice.

He is a thoughtful leader who balances sound operations with a critical approach to systems change by focusing on human and career development that strives to identify and nurture diverse talent. Michael uses his extensive administrative experience and skills to develop effective strategies with clients for building DEI capacity and rigor. To be successful at instigating meaningful and sustainable DEI results requires courageous leadership. Improving the lives of youth, families, and communities, while ensuring greater operational efficiencies and reframing organizational culture requires focus.  Michael helps leaders embrace these ideas with his consultancy.

Michael holds an MPA from Harvard University and is a Bush Fellow.

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