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Our Team | Lisa Tabor

Lisa Tabor
Founder & President

Lisa’s passion for making a DEI difference in the world started years ago. After holding a variety of management positions in the private, public and nonprofit sectors, she saw how many organizations said they embraced diversity, but failed to operationalize their good intentions. With a strong vision to create a better way to achieve tangible DEI results, she ventured out and created CultureBrokers.


Certifications & Licenses 

  • Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI) Qualified Administrator

  • Cultural Intelligence Assessment® (CQ) Qualified Administrator

  • Diamond Inclusiveness Assessment™ (DIA) Certified Facilitator

  • FranklinCovey Inspiring Trust Certified Facilitator

  • Joel Barker's Strategic Exploration Tools (Strategy Matrix, Implications, Wheel, T.I.P.S. Tracking)

  • Baldrige Performance Excellence Program Evaluator

  • Values-Behavior Alignment Survey

  • Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI)

  • Organizational Plan for Individual Development (OPID)

  • Equity Strategic Action Plan (ESAP)


  • State of Minnesota Targeted Group Business (TGB)

  • Central Certification (CERT) Program for Hennepin County, Ramsey

  • County and The City of Saint Paul

  • City of Minneapolis Target Market Program

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