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Real Results
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Our Diamond Inclusiveness Assessment™ (DIA) is an outstanding way to begin your DEI journey. This proven tool provides a comprehensive assessment of where your organization is today and what improvements are needed for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive tomorrow.


The DIA is a 64-question survey, in eight culture-shaping categories, to help you:

  • Understand what’s needed for meaningful system change

  • Implement a short path to effective strategy and policy making

  • Define staff and stakeholder issues and insights

  • Develop highly-effective interventions

  • Jump start a stalled program

  • Define measurable DEI goals and benchmarks

  • Ensure that your equity efforts are more strategic, targeted and effective

  • Celebrate areas of progress and success


Download the DIA brochure for full details.


One Smart Approach

The DIA validates your organization’s unique strengths while providing systematic, concrete entry points for making improvements with measurable and strategic outcomes. The basic package includes:


  • 25 surveys

  • Summary and gap analysis reports

  • Gap analysis workshop for decision makers

  • Facilitated debriefing

  • Advice for measurable action steps


The DIA maximizes the value of other assessments, providing a holistic, comprehensive and thoughtful look at your organization‘s structure in relation to cultural inclusion.


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